Multiplayer Gaming

Last night, for the first time since becoming a father, I had to exit out of a multiplayer match so I could tend to the baby.

I was playing Titanfall, and I was doing well! Sounds of discomfort and/or distress came from the baby monitor. I pulled up the game’s menu, turned down the volume, and waited for a bit to see if it was a blip or a real “come get me” event. When it turned out to be the latter, I chose the “leave game” menu option.

After I picked the kiddo up out of his crib, he probably went back to sleep in less than a minute. I held onto him for about two minutes then put him back in the crib. Lately there have been a couple times when he’s started crying moments after I’ve left his room, so to avoid that I sat in the chair we have there. I stayed for about ten minutes because let’s face it, I was bushed.

When I went back to the basement, I uploaded one game clip from that night, then went to bed.

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